Windscreen Repairs


The windscreen keeps passengers safe from debris on the road and in the air. Additionally, the windscreen provides structural support for the vehicle. A chip in the glass can turn into a larger crack due to pressure, temperature and road conditions. A crack can cause the windscreen to buckle and the roof to cave in. Keep your family safe on the road by having all glass issues taken care of when you make an appointment with the team at Mr. Spanner's Automotive.

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Why Work With Mr. Spanner's Automotive

  • Proper Windscreen Repair: Our mechanics use the highest quality resin, primers and adhesive to ensure your windscreen is in the best shape.
  • Peace of Mind: All of the glass work we do is backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty.
  • Saving You Money: Fixing a chip or small crack in the windscreen early on can save you time and money from larger cracks which would require the entire windscreen to be replaced.

How is Windscreen Repair Performed

When there is a small chip in the glass caused by a rock or other debris, it can usually be fixed in a simple manner. There is resin which will be applied to the crack and then set with ultraviolet light. The chip may look like it was never there in less than half an hour.

Depending on the size, larger cracks can either be filled or the windscreen will need to be replaced. Replacement will require the glass to be removed and new glass to be properly put in with primer and sealed with adhesive. The process of fitting a new windscreen can take around an hour.

Effects of Chipped Windscreens

A small chip may not seem like much, but it can turn into a larger, dangerous crack because of some of the following issues:

  • Pressure which can turn chips into a full blown crack.
  • During the winter, cracks in the windscreen may be more likely to get larger and horizontal cracks may spread.
  • In the summer months the higher temperatures may turn chips into vertical cracks.

At Mr. Spanner's Automotive we can have your glass issues fixed and have you back on the road in no time!

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