Wheel Balancing


Does your car shake when you get up to a certain speed?

Wheel Balancing Sumner Brisbane You are probably in need of a wheel balance. Wear and tear or specific events such as hitting the curb or a pothole can result in your wheels becoming unbalanced which prevents you from having a smooth ride. To rebalance your wheels we take your car into our workshop and measure the balance using a finely tuned piece of equipment then add weights where required to bring the balance back.

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If you've previously had a wheel balance and then you notice the car starts shaking again, pretty much overnight, it probably means one of the weights has come loose or fallen off completely. Bring your car back in and we'll reaffix it or add a new weight for you.

We can also do a wheel balance along with one of our other services including:

  • Log book or General service
  • Vehicle inspection - for safety certificates and other purposes
  • Wheel alignment - realigns your wheels and suspension to the correct angles
Our workshop is located in Sumner and we also serve many customers in the surrounding areas including; Jindalee, Sumner Park, Mt Ommaney, River Hills, Middle Park, Jamboree Heights, Oxley, Darra, Forest Lake, Richlands, Inala, Wacol, Carol Park, Durack, Galies, Goodna and Seventeen Mile Rocks.

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