We all know that your tyres are important; without your tyres your car's got no roll. But your tyres have many more problems than just full or flat; your tyres can have worn tread or rain groove, or narrow void in the tread lugs called the sipe; the possibilities are a lot more complicated than one might think.

At Mr Spanners Automotive we can handle all of your tyre repairs (where possible) as well as replacements and fittings.

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Our tyre services include:

  • Check tread
  • Check tread lug
  • Check tread void
  • Ascertain rain groove
  • Check sipe
  • Check wear bar
  • Investigate bead
  • Validate sidewall
  • Look deeper at shoulder
  • Check tyre ply
  • Check wheel
  • Check rim
  • Ensure inner tube
  • Look into valve stem
  • Check Schrader valve
  • Inflation


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Automobile tyres have become vastly more complex than when they were first introduced more than 100 years ago. Something like the Schrader valve is something that most of us are not even aware of on our tyres but that doesn't make them any less important. The Schrader valve when operating correctly will let you put air in or take air out only when the pin is pushed in. But if your car is mysteriously loosing air for no reason, that is a problem. Also if you can't add new air to your tyres because of a broken of faulty Schrader valve that is something that many of us would not have any idea how to fix. When your tyres are mysteriously loosing air (or can't add new air) your car cannot run.

Your sidewall also might be something that you don't know how to fix it, but you know when it is broken. Your sidewall is the bridge between the tread and the bead; the whole thing is reinforced with fabric or steel cords. The sidewall is able to transmit torque and create traction. It does this by applying the drive axle to the tread. But when your sidewall is damaged or otherwise not doing its job your tyres are prone to puncture; a hold in your tyre leads to a flat. Everyone knows you can't drive your car if there is no air in your tyres.

Our workshop is located in Sumner and we also serve many customers in the surrounding areas including; Jindalee, Sumner Park, Mt Ommaney, River Hills, Middle Park, Jamboree Heights, Oxley, Darra, Forest Lake, Richlands, Inala, Wacol, Carol Park, Durack, Galies, Goodna and Seventeen Mile Rocks.

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