Exhaust System Repair and Service


Exhaust system services is required when you run into issues such as a build up of contaminates in the catalytic converter, issues with muffler or pipe failure due to rust or overheating because of a break in the catalytic converter shield. When you want to be safely back on the road in Sumner, turn to the local team you can trust.

Why Work With Mr Spanner’s Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: When you want a small town feel from a reputable mechanic turn to us. We are a Repco Authorised Service Centre and offer the Repco Nationwide Guarantee on all of the services we perform.
  • Great Value: As your partner in the community we work to build connections with other local vendors to bring the best deals to you.
  • Great Mechanics: Our team is passionate about what they do. Additionally, the mechanics in our shop attend training seminars and receive service bulletins about the latest in diagnostic equipment, parts and services.

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Exhaust System Services from Mr Spanner’s Automotive

  • Exhaust System Overhaul
  • Single Exhaust System Repair
  • Silencer Replacement
  • Diesel Exhaust Pipe Replacement
  • Manifold Replacement
  • Turned Header Replacement
  • Turbo Back Repair
  • Cat Back Repair
  • Catalytic Converter Replacement
  • Exhaust Pipe Replacement
  • Muffler Repair
  • Resonator Replacement

Exhaust System Failure: Symptoms and Causes

When your exhaust system fails you will know it. Everything from overheating to loud noises to strange smells will tip you off as red flags. To help asses the issue and communicate it well with our team, check out these symptoms and causes to see if you are facing exhaust system issues.


  • Strange Smells
  • Lack of Fuel Efficiency
  • Loud Noise


  • If there is a build up of contaminates such as sulphur or lead in the catalytic converter it will no longer convert the exhaust into less dangerous chemicals.
  • If there is an issue with the manifold the vehicle will lose pressure and fuel efficiency.
  • Cracks and holes in the muffler reduce the sound deadening properties and the exhaust gets very loud.

For these exhaust system issues and more, make an appointment with Mr Spanner’s Automotive.

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