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The engines in our vehicle work at very high energy and high heat to combust the fuel, keep everything turning and keep the car running at maximum performance. Without a properly functioning radiator or radiator cap, your car can overheat and come to a halt. In order to keep your family safe on the road in Sumner, bring your vehicle in to see the family of mechanics at Mr. Spanner’s Automotive today!

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Why Work With Mr. Spanner’s Automotive

  • Peace of Mind: All of the work we perform at Mr. Spanner’s Automotive is backed with the Repco Nationwide Guarantee as we are a Repco Authorised Service Centre.
  • Great Value: As part of Repco we have access to the spare parts network which helps us to find the best deal for our clients.
  • Quality Mechanics: As part of the Repco family our mechanics are kept up to date on the latest services and parts thanks to ongoing training seminars and service bulletins.
  • Cooling System Services from Mr. Spanner’s Automotive Include:

    • Radiator Cleaning
    • Radiator Replacement
    • Radiator Cap Repair
    • Filling of the Antifreeze
    • Radiator Cap Replacement
    • Thermostat Replacement
    • Cooling Fan Replacement
    • Cooling Hose Replacement
    • Lower Hose Replacement
    • Upper Hose Replacement
    • Water Hose Replacement
    • Air Cooling Service
    • Liquid Cooling Service

    What Makes Up the Cooling System?

    There are many small parts which come together to calibrate the heat in the vehicle and help to force it out, away from the engine. These parts work in a circular motion to recycle cool fluids and keep the engine working at maximum performance. Any issue with these parts can bring you to a halt. Some of the most common parts of a cooling system include:

    • Radiator: Conducts the heat out of the coolant liquid and away from the engine.
    • Radiator Cap: Pressurized cap used to increase the boiling point of the coolant liquid to hold more heat.
    • Antifreeze: Added to the coolant to change the freezing and boiling point of the liquids in the cooling system.
    • Thermostat: Measures the temperature liquids as they leave the engine.

    At Mr. Spanner’s Automotive we quickly pinpoint any issues with your cooling system and have you back on the road in no time!

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