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Similar to your brakes, your clutch will require periodical maintenance to replace worn clutch pads plus as-needed repairs to fix a broken or faulty part within the system.

Mr Spanners Automotive are the car service experts in Sumner and the surrounding areas East of Brisbane. In the 28 years we’ve been in business in the local area we’ve seen all manner of clutch problems and have the knowledge, expertise and technical ability to get your car repaired and back on the road in no time.


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Our clutch service includes (as required):


  • Remove & refit gearbox and tail shaft
  • Remove and replace clutch plate and pressure plate
  • Install new through bearing
  • Remove flywheel and have machined or replace if dual mass
  • Replace Spidget bearing
  • Check transmission oil level and adjust as required
  • Road test


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How does a standard clutch work? Here’s the basic process:


  1. When you want to change gears you press your foot on the clutch pedal
  2. The pedals acts on a linkage which transmits that force to the release fork
  3. The release fork presses the throw-out bearing, also known as the clutch release bearing
  4. This bearing, in turn, presses against the middle of the diaphragm spring. The spring pivots on the studs which pulls on the pressure plate and disengages the clutch plate (aka clutch disk) from the fly wheel
  5. The flywheel is attached to the engine so now the engine is disengaged ready for a gear change

Each of these components will suffer from wear and tear throughout the lifetime of the vehicle and will need repairs.

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