Electronic Fuel Injection Service


You could be having problems with your electronic fuel injection (EFI) and not even be aware that this is the cause of your problems. Things like your car hesitating, not starting, or having poor performance are all tell-tale signs of a potential EFI issue. If your car is having trouble idling or you're sensing an "off" smell when the car is idling or driving you could be smack in the middle of an EFI caused problem.

As a certified mechanic, Mr. Spanners Automotive in Sumner can allay all of your EFI concerns.


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There is a whole list of EFI related services offered by our trained mechanics. Some of these include:

  • Fuel injector testing
  • Fuel rail testing
  • Fuel pump testing
  • Fuel filter testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Testing dashboard lights
  • Throttle valve testing


Having a professional in your corner can save you tons of headaches after the fact. Mr. Spanners Automotive are there to address your EFI issues.

Your EFI can suffer from issues related back to your sensors. How sensors work in your car is to collect information from all areas of your car and send that information back to the engine control unit. As you know from past experience with sensors when they are not working, that's really bad news. Things as small as your dashboard lights going out could be the symptoms of ill sensors all the way up to your car actually not starting. Sensor problems could stretch from them having damage and just not being able to read all the way to your sensors being physically knocked out of place.

If you need to get your car back up and running and you're not sure what the issues could be, you could be having problems with something as seemingly insignificant as your cars sensors. Get those sensors checked out and get back on the road!

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