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Engine carbon clean services are an important part of vehicle maintenance. Similar to how you get an oil change to prevent gunk build-up, you get a carbon clean to prevent chemical build-up. After a carbon clean your car will use fuel more efficiently, your car may ignite better, the catalytic converter will be able to process emissions faster and the vehicle will run more smoothly. Enjoy the benefits of getting a carbon clean by making an appointment with your local shop in Sumner, today!

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What Is a Carbon Clean Service

A carbon clean service can be performed on a regular basis to prevent certain issues such as:

  • Failure to pass emissions
  • Loss of fuel efficiency
  • Shaking in the engine
  • Spark plugs which will not light
  • Build-up on the exhaust pipe

Carbon clean services work because they get rid of build-up. When there are particles in the system it can get into the fuel injectors and cause the pistons to get stuck in an open position. This can lead to an incorrect amount of fuel being atomised, being burned and being used. When this happens not only can you fail emissions, but you will spend more every time you head to the pump and you will not get as far.

A carbon clean service can be performed in one afternoon. Either schedule a deep clean service with an ultrasonic bath or stop in to have an additive put into the fuel system. You will be able to get back on the road and back to peak performance in no time.

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