Connectivity - Not just for Luxury Cars anymore.



Today's vehicles are becoming more connected and tech savvy every day! Many of us already know about bluetooth phones, dvd players for the kids or music streaming to our car radios - but did you know some car manufacturers have recently started adding apps that can put parental controls on your children's vehicles, or telematics that allow you to start your engine with your smartphone? Check out this great article by Motor Trend :

Other technologies being integrated into some vehicles in the future (and some even now) include :

Emergency Crash notification This automatically notifies a call center of an accident detection and the call center summons help.

Roadside assistance button This means help is just a click away and you dont even need to estimate your position or locate a suitable landmark because a gps location will get sent automatically to your assistor.

Vehicle Diagnostics  This is when your car sends a report to you or to your repairer with a diagnosis or report on the vehicles current condition letting you know when important updates or repairs are required.  

Insurance Risk Detection One day your insurance agency might give you discount for being a safe driver based on the driving style reports it can get straight from your car. Not so good if you have a leadfoot! this technology could make the roads safer for all of us.

Headsup Display Already available in the new Audi A7 Sportback - headsup display projects details like current speed and distance from vehicle in front on to the windscreen so you dont have to look away from the road. 

3G Connectivity Some manufacturers are already starting to integrate 3G into their vehicles meaning your car becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot! Could give new meaning to "super-fast internet"!

How many of these great technologies have you experienced ? We're sure its not long till we all will.

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