How We Work


Feel free to contact us (by phone or online form) at any time before you make a booking to discuss your problem, ask for a Quote and to have any of your queries answered.


  1. Make a booking - make a booking by phone or via our online booking form and explain what the problem is and/or what you'd like done to the vehicle

  2. Drop off - drop your vehicle off prior to your booked time

  3. Diagnosis - if it is a problem you have rather than a set piece of work you want done (e.g. Log Book Service or Safety Certificate) we will spend the first part of the service diagnosing the cause/s of the problem/s

  4. Detailed quote - once we've determined what the cause of the problem is we will contact you with a detailed quote for the parts and labour required to make the repairs as well as an estimate of the time it will take. We won't proceed until we have your OK.

  5. Work commences - once we have your approval we will start working on repairing your vehicle.

  6. Work finishes - when the work is complete we will test your vehicle to make sure the problem is fixed then we will call you to let you know that your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

  7. Pickup - when you come to pick up your vehicle, come to our office and you will receive your keys and our invoice which details the work completed. We require that you settle your account upon pickup. We accept cash and credit cards.


Questions? See our FAQs page or Contact us Directly Here.

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